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Fairground Rentals

The Webster County Fairgrounds near Fort Dodge, Iowa has many facilities, including the multipurpose buildings, campgrounds and more, all of which are available for rent throughout the year. Call the Fairgrounds phone for more information or to rent buildings.

Give Us a Call: 515-408-3764




The West Auditorium

6,020 sq feet + kitchen & Dining Room

The space can hold 400 people or more depending on your event – 70' X 86' (west wall of west side used for storage) 

NOTE** Permanent bar on west side is in the NE corner and not in sq. ft. calculation.

Rental of the space comes with 100 8' rectangle tables, 350 chairs, and 5 pub tables

The East Auditorium

East Wing–  4,060 sq feet + kitchen can hold 300 people or more depending on your event – 70' X 58' (south east corner is used for storage)

Note** Take 150 sq feet off if needing a bar set up in the east auditorium. 

Rental of the space comes with 80 8' rectangle tables, 300 chairs, 5 pub tables

Included Amenities in Both Auditoriums

  • Heat & Air Conditioning

  • Tables and Chairs (set up and tear down is renters responsibility)

  • Sound System

  • Back Drop  - $50 (Depending on availability)

  • White curtains for backdrop - $20 per 10ft section (Depending on availability)

  • Stage available:

    • Large (West Auditorium) - $100 (10 - 4x8 carpeted sections, depending on availability)   

    • Small (East Auditorium) - $50 (4 - 6x8 uncarpeted sections, depending on availability)

  • Restrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Large, lighted parking area

  • Bar - $100 with $300 minimum (all alcohol must be purchased and sold by the Fairgrounds staff)



Weekends (Friday-Sunday):

  • West Wing - $600.00 for the weekend –  Includes Friday Set up and Sunday Tear down by 1PM

  • East Wing - $500.00 for the weekend –  Includes Friday Set up and Sunday Tear down by 1PM

  • Entire Building -  $1100.00 for the weekend - Included Friday Set up and Sunday Tear down by 1PM

Weekdays (Monday – Thursday):

  • West Wing - $300.00/day       

  • East Wing - $250.00/day

  • Entire Building - $550.00/day

The above prices include a setup and tear down day in the one day price for weekend events (I.e. Wedding on Saturday would would be able to set up on Friday and tear down on Sunday). If your event will run more than one day, additional fees may apply.

Additional setup days:
If you wish to rent the building for additional set up/teardown days for your event the cost is $150 per day if available.

Deposits of $250.00 is refunded once rental payment is processed and if the buildings, grounds, and contents are undamaged and cleaned. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Indoor Auditoriums


The Webster County Fairgrounds has several livestock buildings that are great for many events. These buildings are available for rent April – October.

Rental Prices per day

  • Indoor Show Arena (100’ x 150’) - $500.00

  • Outdoor Arena (100’ x 150’) - $250.00

  • Horse Barn (73’ x 120’)  - $300.00; $20.00 per stall - 60 Stalls available

  • Beef Barn (70’ x 120’) - $200.00

  • Swine Barn (27’ x 120’) - $150.00

  • Sheep Barn (40’ x120’) - $150.00

  • Small Animal Barn (27’ x 120’) -$150.00


Any renter needing the water tank…the first tank (1000 gallons) is free. If more is needed the water surcharge is $80.00 per 1,000 gallons used.

A security deposit of $150.00 per building, with the exception of the Indoor & Outdoor Arena or Horse barn, which is $300.00, is due with the signed contract. Security deposit will be returned upon inspection of the buildings.



Standard Camping

The Webster County Fairgrounds has camping available April – October with Bathrooms and Showers available. Sewage dump on the grounds but not at each site.

The Fairgrounds is a non-profit orgranization and not public property. We pay for water and sewer usage so please be respectful.


  • Camping Lot - $20 per day

  • Dry Lot - $10 per day only during a fairground event

  • Dump Fee - $5 per unit if you did not camp at the fairgrounds


Download Lot Map
NOTE** Red Spots Require Groundskeeper permission before setting up

Call us now  for more info about campground rentals at 515.351.7385

camping map

County Fair Camping


  • $160 per campsite for the week

  • $10 per day for dry camping (first come first serve)

NOTE** Do not pay for spot(s) until you have confirmation from Heather Stewart 515-351-7385)

Check in 

  • Opens 6pm the Sunday before the Webster County Fair

  • Closes 9pm on Tuesday before the Webster County Fair

Check out

  • Begins 6pm Sunday at the end of the Fair

  • All Checkouts must be complete by Monday at 6pm after the fair

Please keep a copy of you receipt for your records. We will have your spot marked with your name prior to the Check in 

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